15 Anzac Day Story Books for Kids

Are you on the hunt for some lovely, meaningful Anzac Day story books for your class?

Then look no further, we have compiled 15 great ones here for you...


15 ANZAC DAY STORY BOOKS FOR KIDS - Compiled By Teach Fun Oz

My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day

Book by Catriona Hoy

Meet the ANZACs

Book by Claire Saxby

Anzac Ted

Book by Belinda Landsberry

A Day to Remember

Book by Jackie French

Simpson and His Donkey

Book by Mark Greenwood

Lest We Forget

Book by Kerry Brown

An Anzac Tale

Book by Ruth Starke

One Minute's Silence

Book by David Metzenthen

'Why are They Marching, Daddy?’

Book edited by Di Burke

Anzac Biscuits

Book by Phil Cummings

A Soldier, A Dog and A Boy

Book by Libby Hathorn

The ANZAC Puppy

Book by Peter Millett

The Last Anzac

Book by Gordon Winch

Do Not Forget Australia

Book by Sally Murphy

The Anzac Tree

Book by Christina Booth