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Spelling activities for any list - word work spelling centers worksheets

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Great value for spelling activities! Now you can have the versatility of always having spelling activities ready for Word Work sessions, morning warmups or spelling groups. No prep required. Just take copies of these activities along, to use with any spelling list or vocabulary list you need. Great for catering for differentiated lists where different students are on different sets of words but can still work on the same or similar activities.


Can be printed out larger in A3 size to allow more space and larger text for young students and those who need it. Could also be laminated to create spelling reference charts for around the room. This pack is multi-use at an affordable price!
>> SAVE TIME and be ready to go!

>> Use again and again every year.


What you'll get:

ZIP FILE (needs to be unzipped by appropriate program on your device)

1 x pdf 1 x Powerpoint file version 1 x TOU and copyright info.



Activities included:

  • My 'Tricky' Word Vault - personal booklet for students to add their challenging words from their draft writing and unit work in all subjects to use as a reference book.
  • Spelling 'Have a Go' sheet
  • Sound segmenting -spelling words grid
  • Base word sheet
  • Hands On Spelling Choice Board with 12 different activities listed for variety - students select activities to suit their preferences then colour in the box - at least 3 activities over the week into the Spelling or Word Work books. Some could be completed onto paper and displayed in the room to demonstrate high quality examples.
  • Rainbow Sounds
  • Sailboat Words
  • Magnet or Letter Tile Words
  • Swirly Words
  • Memory Word Match Game
  • Spelling Bingo
  • Spelling Word Search
  • Write in Sentences
  • Rhyming Word Wall
  • Chalk Path Writing
  • Sensory or Mould Dough Words
  • Spelling Story Book
  • Spelling Bingo grid template - print and laminate to re-use over and over again with counters or whiteboard markers
  • Spelling Post Test Sheets
  • Spelling Activity Examples poster - print in colour, enlarged to A3 or Poster size to display in classroom and A4 versions in student workbooks to refer back to


Hi there! I hope you love this SPELLING resource! My aim is to create useful resources that save teachers precious TIME and EFFORT to make your teaching week that little bit EASIER! I know how tricky the juggle is as a teacher, fitting in all the things we need to do! That’s why I’ve spent the time making them, so now you don’t have to! I offer my resources for other teachers to purchase at affordable prices so you can keep coming back for whatever it is you need when you need it… (even if that’s last minute!)



Need other spelling activities with lists included? Check out our full range on the store! Stay tuned for upcoming additions in this series of resources!