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Relief Teacher Ultimate Dashboard - Editable Daily Slides Lesson Ideas and Timers for Primary or Elementary Supply

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The RELIEF TEACHER version of our Ultimate Teacher Dashboard will revolutionise the way you teach. Substitute, Relief, Supply teachers - BE READY every day for any primary class any subject any day with no prep lesson ideas on the run for Primary or Elementary School. No need to stay up late the night before or hustle in the morning when you get that late call! Just grab your 'digital suitcase', head out the door and plug in when you get there.

Ease your stress levels, LOAD AND GO for any subject or age! Even if you are called in for a specialist class or year level you feel unfamiliar with, this dashboard full of resources will help bring your confidence and provide you with something to get started on straight away while you work out what the teacher has left you or what you intend to teach for the remainder of the day. Loads of engaging and educational activity ideas. There is plenty to fill full days if no plans have been left for you too. All you will need is an adaptor or blue tooth connection from your laptop to the electronic whiteboard or monitor screen that they use at the school (this does vary from school to school so it helps to have a few options on hand in case there isn't one there when you arrive!), your power cord and you are away!

No need for internet access if you don't have it. Even if you don't have access to a project screen or electronic board to show to the entire class, you can still feel assured that with your Ultimate Relief Teacher Dashboard, lesson ideas and resources are at your fingertips on your laptop or device. All can run directly from your Powerpoint software except for some links to websites. Use your mobile phone to tether an internet connection if need be.

Digital slide templates are already created for you for the most common slides needed every day or week as well as a whole range of ready to use, no prep lesson ideas and resources. The linking is done for you too, with unique dashboard master slide which will become your daily teaching control center - linking buttons to your required Powerpoint slides effortlessly and quickly in Slideshow mode, ditching the need to scroll and scroll to find your required slides. 

Most slides are text editable, where you can type your own text, change headings, fonts and colour of text if you wish. (Note: decorative font not included) Background designs and background colours are not editable and some elements are not editable.

Includes MASSIVE 624 Slides PLUS extra science unit and useful website links

BONUS TIMER SLIDES included. (May only work in some versions of Powerpoint with required add in).

zip file included, which will require unzipping software on your device to access folders within including a Powerpoint slideshow file.

Daily Slides Dashboard includes slides for:

  • How to use this dashboard
  • Main control center
  • Daily agenda
  • Class Tracker - Behaviour
  • Roll Call
  • Who is here today - check in
  • This term's learning focus
  • This lesson's focus
  • School timetables - edit with your own set of preferred schools to easily refer to
  • You Will Need - list of materials
  • Today's Puzzle
  • Writing Prompts - Lower 1-2 Engaging Stimulus Images
  • Writing Prompts - Upper 3-7 Engaging Stimulus Images
  • Writing Prompts - Prep-1 Engaging Sentence Starters
  • Editing Slide
  • Games - Includes 9 ready-made games + spaces for 2 more of your own
  • Maths Activity Slides - Mystery Numbers, Magic Squares, Number Squares, Problem Solving, Geometry
  • Trivia Quiz Questions - Year 4-7
  • Mini Words Challenges
  • Battleships - Coordinates Activity 
  • Stand Up Sit Down Game - Get to know you / icebreaker / brain break activity
  • Inquiry Question Slide, Task Lists
  • Noise-O-Meter 
  • Class Rewards Tracker
  • Spelling Test 
  • Spelling Activity Choice Board
  • Spelling Game
  • Catchup Task List - Ketchup, Must Do and May Do
  • Number Facts
  • Brain Break
  • Reading to Self time
  • Web Links for adding your favourite site links
  • Brainstorm topics for group work
  • Debating Topics and Impromptu Talks
  • Classroom Timer link
  • Kids Music Playlist link
  • Kids Yoga
  • Health Video link
  • Rotations - organisation slides
  • Teacher introduction slides
  • Setting expectations slides
  • Behaviour flowchart slide
  • Lower Years Pet Activity Slides
  • Pet Writing - lined slides
  • Taking Care of Pets activity sheets - capital letters and full stops
  • Tracing over words
  • Fill in the blank words
  • Animal Bingo - guess the words
  • Animal Names slides with pictures
  • Vowels
  • Digraph sounds
  • CVC words
  • Small words
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Ordinal numbers 1st - 10th
  • Stunning Writing Starters
  • 120 Board and grid squares slides
  • Red Blue Lines slides with pre-typed Qld Beginners Handwriting or add your own
  • Margin Blue Lined Paper template slide to project onto board and hand write or type
  • Dotted Paper template slide
  • Maths grid template slide
  • LOTE lesson, Geography or HASS - Country Research guide, Country Travel Brochure, Flags and Nations of the World activity, Class Challenge A-Z, Country Research Compare and Contrast Slide
  • Digital Technologies lessons
  • Visual Arts - lesson ideas with focus and examples of artwork to demonstrate to students on the class board.
  • Design your own vision board, Alien Identikit, Fruity Mosaics, City Skyline, Brighton Beach Houses, Design your Dream Bedroom, Boho Painting
  • Dance and Drama activities - Choreography, Analysis and Performance, Early years basic dance and movement task cards, 
  • Music activities - Instruments and movements that correspond to different music  styles
  • Health and Physical Education 
  • Design your own Personal Brand Wall - instructions and example slide to display
  • Personal Safety
  • Sun Safety
  • Healthy Living
  • Healthy Mind
  • P.E. Games
  • Fitness Circuit Stations
  • Science - Lower and Upper Levels
  • Lower - Butterflies Unit
  • Upper - Weathering and Erosion Unit
  • Add your own extras to suit
  • BONUS Timer Slides included for 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 minutes
Total Pages 
624+ BONUS timers and Complete Science Unit