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HASS Time Past and Present Digital Activity Flash Cards Google Slides Version

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HASS Class Discussion Starters Digital Task Cards Google Slides Version A great range of interesting high quality images including objects from the past and present times. Students will decide whether to categorise them as 'Past' or 'Present'. You may also like to use these image cards as conversation starters for the History topic 'Past Present Future', stimulus for various writing tasks, research project task cards and more. ********************************
History: Time - Past and Present Digital Photo Deck of 25 Cards for Lower Primary
Australian Curriculum Aligned:
ACHASSK030 Year 1 H.A.S.S. Humanities and Social Sciences ACHASSK046 Year 2 H.A.S.S. Humanities and Social Sciences ******************************** A fun way to introduce the concepts of time - past and present for teachers to share with the class on classroom projector boards or digital whiteboards using Google Slides.
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All in One 25 Card Deck - includes bright, colourful and fun images the children will love! Once this resource is purchased, you will be able to download file from Google Drive ®
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