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FROG UNIT Frog Life Cycle Invertebrates Vertebrates Living Science Year 1 2 3 4

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COMPLETE FROGS UNIT - Frog Investigators Science for Prep Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 Primary or Elementary - Australian Curriculum Aligned
>> Life Cycles Invertebrates Vertebrates Living Non Living Research Informational Non Fiction Report Writing Skills, External Features of Frogs, Mini-beasts, Identifying needs of Living Things, What is a Habitat? Considering Effects of Human Actions, Grouping Living Things, Comparing Life Stages

Get your little science investigators excited with this MASSIVE 73 pages of Lessons and Materials covering the below Australian curriculum standards. All the hard work is done for you! Other resources to complement this unit will also be available separately or purchase all as a MEGA bundle when listed.



BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES : Students develop understandings about structure and function in living things; inter-dependencies within environments; and evolution of life on Earth.

Australian Curriculum Aligned

Covers standards across multiple year levels and curriculum areas. Scroll to end of this listing to view all the Australian Curriculum Standards covered.



  • Frogs are living things - how do we know?
  • What do frogs need? - Identifying needs of living things
  • What do frogs eat?
  • Inquiry questions - class discussion starters
  • Themed spelling words lists - 3 level lists to differentiate lessons
  • Spelling activity - use words in sentences to show their meaning
  • Spelling extension activities
  • Caring for living things - colour, cut and paste - open flap info windows sheet
  • Living and Non-Living - sort and paste
  • Vertebrate or Invertebrate? How do we know?
  • Examining external features of living things- Vertebrate and Invertebrate Sort Activity
  • Different species of frogs
  • How are frogs different to toads
  • Body structure and external features of frogs
  • Life cycle of frogs
  • Army of frogs
  • Baby frogs
  • People who care for living things - the science of studying amphibians
  • Frogs help us and our ecosystems
  • Frogs are an important part of the food web
  • Frogs are bioindicators
  • Frogs are important in medical research that benefits humans
  • Effects of human actions on living things
  • Quiz Time!
  • Information report research, planning and separate topics of Habitat, Food, Features, Life Stages.
  • Fact Finder Research
  • Example of a Non-Fiction Report on the Red and Yellow Mountain Frog
  • Modelling features of a Non-Fiction Information Text
  • Write a Non-Fiction Report on Frogs
  • Where do I belong? Sorting and classifying - comparing animals
  • Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates, Fish
  • Where do animals live? - Various habitats of different animals
  • Poster set in Qld Beginners Font (Australian schools font)
  • Frog Communication
  • Frog Habitat Scene and cut outs to cut and paste onto the scene
  • Frog Habitat Scene - Count how many frogs, tadpoles, froglets, lily pads
  • Make a 'Save the Frogs' group campaign
  • Nature Journal
  • Observations Journal
  • Secret Fact File - Fun Froggy Facts
  • Extension Questions
  • What do frogs NOT like?
  • How can we help save the frogs!
  • End of unit culmination activity - 'The Princess and the Frog' - write a movie review - structure

 >> also includes loads of informational charts and posters, themed posters to add to display in your room to set the scene for your magnificent FROGS UNIT! + BONUS task rewards record sheet and name badge for each of your FROG INVESTIGATORS + Certificates for completing the unit AND variety of choices for creating a student work booklet with your selections. Teacher answer sheets are included for your convenience!

Australian Curriculum Standards covered:

ACSSU002 PREP/FOUNDATION SCIENCE - Living things have basic needs including food and water (caring for living things)


ACSSU017 YEAR 1 SCIENCE - Living things have a variety of external features

ACSSU211 YEAR 1 SCIENCE - Living things live in different places where their needs are met (habitats)


ACSSU030 YEAR 2 SCIENCE - Living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves


ACELA1479 YEAR 3 ENGLISH - WRITING - Understand that paragraphs are a key organisational feature of written texts (planning paragraphs through Informational Report activity included)

ACELY1682 YEAR 3 ENGLISH - WRITING - Plan, draft, publish informative text structures
ACELY1683 YEAR 3 ENGLISH - WRITING - Re-read and edit texts for meaning, appropriate structure, grammatical choices and punctuation

ACSSU044 YEAR 3 SCIENCE - Living things can be grouped on the basis of observable features and can be distinguished from non-living things


ACELA1498 YEAR 4 ENGLISH - WRITING - Incorporate new vocabulary from a range of sources into students' own texts including vocabulary encountered in research
ACSSU072 YEAR 4 SCIENCE - Living things have life cycles
ACSSU073 YEAR 4 SCIENCE - Living things depend on each other and the Environment to survive

>> COMPLETE with MASSIVE 73 Slides in Powerpoint + pdf format

>> SAVE TIME! Ready to Use -

Lesson Resources and pages to help set up the ultimate science unit that students will be excited to work through with you.

Set the scene in your classroom with loads of materials ready to enlarge and print as posters or charts to make your room appealing and informative at the same time!

>>>includes Printables to create Student Activity Booklet, teacher answer sheets and informational charts and pages.

>>>Powerpoint Slideshow is PACKED full of engaging and relevant content to align with the Australian Curriculum.

>>>Cross Curriculum activities, vocabulary lists for spelling (different level options to help you differentiate your lessons), art activities/ fine motor skills development - colour, cut, paste, create!

>>> Science - Writing - Spelling are all included!


READY TO TEACH Slides with NO PREP for you!


Just set up on your computer and projector screen or digital whiteboard and you are ready to go! Print what you need and teach in whichever order suits you and your class.

>> Characters from diverse backgrounds included and both male and female

>>Share with the class on classroom projector board or digital whiteboard






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