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Fractions Digital Slideshow Year 3 third grade Maths Lessons 62 Slides

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Introduction to FRACTIONS for Lower Primary / Elementary 3rd Third Grade Year 3
Australian Curriculum Aligned Standard: Year 3 Maths ACMNA058

Model and represent unit fractions including 1/2 1/4 1/3 1/5 and their multiples to a complete whole

Ready to use! No Prep teacher slideshow for use in Google Classroom, Slides, Docs and Digital Whiteboard Whole Class Lessons.

>>Fun, engaging, diverse characters and pictures

>>Real life examples for instructional lessons
>>Do you know what a fraction is? Including explanation and diagrams already made for you

>>Demonstrates one half, one quarter, one third, one fifth

>>Demonstrates multiple fractions (e.g. 2/4, 3/4, 2/3 etc.)

>>Includes Questioning with fill in the blanks and Answer slide to follow and further explanatory notes relating to how to work out the top number and the bottom number. (In other slideshow lessons of this series, these concepts are developed further into 'Numerator' and 'Denominator' as well as more complex fractions in the Upper Primary edition, but for this edition we keep it simple and easy to understand).

>> Includes challenge questions at the end and further homework activity.


This pdf mega bundle contains 62 high quality slides. Can be used in slideshow format for whole class lessons (recommended over 1 or 2 lessons, possibly more depending on your class abilities and lesson duration). Could also be used to assign to your students via Google Classroom (TM) on desktop or portable device by adding text input boxes, or students using the draw tool in online programs over top of the relevant slides you set for them, to make them their own activity digital sheets (teacher could omit the slides with the answers on them for this kind of activity).


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