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Journey Tracks Stamp - Lakkari Art x Teacherlatte

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This premium pre-inked stamp by Teacherlatte in Australia, is a great way to provide prompt feedback to your students to assist them with learning.

Start your gorgeous collection today. Stamps can help save time, save you writing the save feedback over and over, put a smile on students' faces, give students a sense of achievement and feedback on how they are going and what they still need to do to reach their learning intentions. Variety of stamp designs available. Be sure to view them all.

Royalties made from the sale of this stamp directly support the artist.

Stamp details:

Meaning: Journey tracks

Description: This symbol represents a journey or track (symbolised by the lines on each side) which meet at a significant milestone or meeting place (symbolised by the circle in the centre). This stamp should be used to reward a students learning journey.


About the artist:

Lakkari Pitt is a proud Gamilaroi yinarr (woman) from Walgett, North West New South Wales.

Lakkari's art is a contemporary take on the knowledge that her Elders and significant people in her life have passed down throughout generations. Lakkari’s art explores the movement, essence and stories of Country.

Lakkari acknowledges that First Nations people across Country have different interpretations and understandings of symbols used throughout Aboriginal art. Each symbol and meaning used in Aboriginal art is unique to each Aboriginal artists’ interpretation. The knowledge that is shared in the description of each symbol is solely the perspective of Lakkari’s from the knowledge passed down to her from her Elders and significant people in her life.

Each stamp will come with a card including a title in Gamilaroi language (along with a translation), meaning, short description and relevance to student’s learning. Please note that all descriptions are described first-hand by Lakkari.

Royalties made from the sale of this stamp directly support the artist.