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Bump It Up Wall Bundle - Food Trucks Set of 3 - Visible Learning Intentions Display

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BUMP IT UP WALL - Bundle of 3 sets Includes: Taco Truck, Hot Dog Stand and Burger Bar themed sets. Perfect for easily setting up your Bump It Up display to demonstrate success criteria, learning intentions and visible learning through your examples of work to match the 5 star criteria, correlating with your own school's 5 star system. This set is a generic base set that can be used for any subject area, any grade and year after year! Just add your own work samples, 'I Can' statements and you are ready to use with your class as part of your very own learning wall! (check out our other listings for editable Learning Intentions charts to match and save tons of time!)

WHY USE A BUMP IT UP WALL? : Bump it up walls are commonly being used in modern classrooms now, to provide a framework by which achievement standards can be explicitly demonstrated and taught to students. These walls help by displaying learning intentions and making learning more visible and easily referred to throughout lessons. For example: Students can be asked to compare their own work to the bump it up wall and decide which level they think they are currently at. Then they can look at levels above their own, to strive towards 'bumping up to'. This can help to enhance improvement and ultimately higher achievement levels, when students know what they are required to do and what is expected of them. They can see visual examples of what each level looks like, what is included, what is not included and how each level up looks different. What else could they add? Would could they change? What have they missed or need more of? See individual previews of each of these 3 sets included for further details of all. Bundle buy and save $ You could use different themes for different subject areas in your classroom or use a different theme for each new term or year again and again.