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Behaviour Chart for Classroom Behavior Reward Chart Coupons Firefly System

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Behaviour Chart Reward Chart Coupons Firefly Class Behavior Management System
This Complete Positive Behaviour Management System includes reward charts, reward coupons - both individual or group and whole class rewards.

The following resource pack contains over 100 pages! Everything you will need to transform your class reward system and help promote positive behavior in your classroom.

INCLUDES: Zip file (you will need to have software to unzip this very large compressed file, please allow time for it to download fully, then open for the individual files within in Powerpoint and pdf formats:


•Firefly decorative charts

•Weekly class goals chart – 2 versions of font

•Teacher’s tracker of student behaviour/ behavior cards – Aust and UK/US version spelling

  • Learning Intentions

•Student rewards chart– 2 versions of font

•Student individual goals chart – 2 versions of font - lesson, session, today, this week, this term

•Night-time glow jar chart (a4 size or enlarge to a3)

•Class reward tally goal chart

•Days at school tracker

•Mason jar charts

•Mini firefly cut outs

•Individual student behaviour punchcards/ sign cards / sticker cards – B&W versions, Colour versions

•Team charts- glowing mason jars

•Team behaviour record charts

•Individual reward vouchers x 30 rewards (1 is blank and editable for your choice)

•Matching display pockets for bulletin board display

•Whole class reward voucher options x 54 ideas

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