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Australian Curriculum V9.0 Tracker Year 5 English

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>>Are you an Australian teacher needing help to get your head around all the curriculum content descriptors you need to get through this year?

>>Need a way to visually keep track of what you have taught, what you are in progress with and what you are yet to cover? Looking for a way to clearly organise your student assessment results to match the curriculum standards?

The Australian Curriculum V 9.0 Ultimate Tracker will help you do all of these things seamlessly in a simple, easy to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on your own device to take anywhere with you – from the Classroom, to outdoors, home, office or meetings.

  • Makes planning lessons easier - all year level content descriptors from the Australian Curriculum V9.0 for this subject area have been inputted for you already! Saves you valuable time!
  • Makes tracking student progress and results easier
  • Ease of reference for report card writing and parent/teacher interviews with individual tracker sheets for each student!
  • Section for note keeping along the way
  • Ease of reference for data collected for Individual Education Plans
  • Auto-fills student names into their individual record sheets, once you enter their names once into the main marking sheet
  • Easy-click links to take you to the student pages
  • Includes all strands of this subject area and year level
  • Simply enter a number to correspond with ‘done’, ‘in progress’ or ‘to do’ options and the matching coloured indicator light will magically appear!
  • Use easy drop-down menus that have been set up for you, to simply click the assessment grade for each area, then a visual marker dot will be automatically added to the marking grid record. (You can change the 5-level scale titles to suit your own marking requirements in the last sheet of the Excel document if different to those provided).

>>This purchase if for original purchaser single staff-member use only. To use for multiple users, you must purchase multiple licenses – one for each user. These files cannot be shared for use with other staff unless it is for a single class (i.e. 2 teachers working in a single classroom with the same students on a job share arrangement). Files cannot be duplicated or copied in part or whole, distributed for free or re-sold in any way. Files are copyright 2023 by Teach Fun Oz.

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SEE VIDEO EXAMPLE OF FEATURES INCLUDED IN OUR CURRICULUM TRACKERS (This is an example only of the Year 6 one and may not be the one for this listing)