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How do I get home - Bag Tags - Primary Kindy Prep Travel Labels

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How do I get home? These backpack tags can be attached to student's bags and will ensure students are sent to the right area when the home time bell goes to ease confusion.

This is a BACK TO SCHOOL essential, ready to start using for your new class!
A fast, easy way to instantly see how students get home in the afternoon for yourself and any teacher or staff member monitoring your students at any time in bus lines, parent waiting areas, kiss and go pickup areas and more. These work nicely alongwith our End of Day Arrangements Sheets available in a variety of themes. Makes sending students off to bus lines, parent pick up areas, older siblings or parents waiting and after school care a breeze at this hectic time of afternoon when the bell goes!

Includes all the most common forms of leaving in the afternoon and also some extras that are very handy to use for situation such as parent custody tag, any A.V.O. parent protection information to be aware of, change in routine, early or late departure and more.

VIEW Preview Video Clip HERE to see full inclusions
⭐ Powerpoint file - Use again and again each term and each new year with all your classes or change as often as you need as new things arise.
⭐Ready to print and laminate
⭐Instructions for use
15 pages
Foundation Australian Handwriting Font
1. Bus, Car, After School Care, Pick UP

2. Walk, Ride Skateboard, Ride Scooter, Ride Bike
3. Alert, Special Note, Early or Late departure, Blank tag

4. Bus - 4 to a page
5. Car - 4 to a page
6. After School Care - 4 to a page
7. Pick Up - 4 to a page
8. Walk - 4 to a page
9. Ride (skateboard) - 4 to a page
10. Ride (scooter) - 4 to a page
11. Ride (bike) - 4 to a page
12. Alert, Special Note, Early or Late departure, Blank tag
13. Blank printable tags - 4 to a page


*Also includes cover page, Instructions for use page

►Use different colour for each method of getting home if you wish to make it even easier to discern quickly who goes where (perfect for teaching assistants or auxillary staff who may have different class groups on different days of the week).

I hope this resource is useful for you going back to school or starting a new term!
Saving your time on the setting up, so you have more time for the amazing teaching!
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